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Killer Duo - Olivia & Brians Lethal as Bonnie & Clyde

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

"Callandra Olivia as Bonnie and Beau Brians as Clyde inhabit these roles from the inside out. Like the common folk that became fans of the couple, I found myself being drawn into their story, liking them...almost eerily admiring them.....obviously due to the strength of Olivia's and Brians' performances. An extra added plus is that they are lovely to look at as well," stated Broadway World's Don Grigware.

Come see this magnificent story come to life featuring direction by original Broadway cast member, Victor Hernandez, musical direction by Ryan O'Connell, and featuring original Broadway cast member, Michael Lanning.

While the story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow’s deadly relationship is a part of Americana, this musical explores a more romantic perspective than the usual shoot-‘em up. In Depression-era Texas, the couple meets over Bonnie’s broken-down car. At this time in the story Bonnie is a waitress with aspirations to act in film, and Clyde Barrow just broke out of prison with his brother Buck. As two Texans with unbridled imagination, they begin robbing banks to make their dreams of fame come true. But as the duo become wanted fugitives, and their crimes escalate from robbery to murder, they find their way to the top of the nation’s list of public enemies. Bonnie & Clyde is a thrilling and sexy musical with a non-traditional score, combining blues, gospel and rockabilly music to a perfect, crowd-pleasing effect. This Tony-nominated musical from the legendary Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde, Dracula, Civil War) is surely not one to be missed.

You can purchase tickets online at or by calling their box office at (909) 626-1254.

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