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Entertainment Weekly says "Rock of Ages Makes Dinner Theatre Sexy Again" - Opening Rocks Hollywood

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Callandra Olivia (Sherrie) making her red carpet entrance at the opening of Rock of Ages Hollywood, Jan. 15, 2020.

It's official - Rock of Ages Hollywood is open! Raving reviews from Entertainment Weekly and exciting buzz from the likes of star powers such as Lance Bass, Marcia Gay Harden, and Shoshana Bean, marks the beginning of a new rockin' era on Hollywood boulevard.

Olivia and Ward (Drew) received high praise from Entertainment Weekly's opening night review - "But it’s Ward and Callandra Olivia who give Rock of Ages its pulsing, neon-lit heart. Ward lends Drew, the show’s aspiring rocker, a glimmering naivety — his winsome, natural earnestness matched by his powerful belt and soulful voice. He’s paired perfectly with Olivia’s Sherrie, the story’s other bright-eyed dreamer. Olivia takes Sherrie, a portrait of idealized ’80s femininity, and lends her an essential edge, cutting her sweetness with a fierce sense of self-possession. Her vocals are equally mesmerizing, leading the two to partner on duets that create a wall of sound designed to touch your heart and excite your soul."

"The production marks a full-circle moment for the 2009 Broadway smash, which began its jukebox musical life at the infamous King King rock club on Hollywood Boulevard in 2005. Here, it’s back in its element, only a stone’s throw from the plot’s legendary Sunset Strip. Considering it was first conceived in a similar space, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the show has never been better."

Young, Ward (Drew), Olivia (Sherrie), Hanggi, and Grande (Franz) at the opening of Rock of Ages Hollywood.

"The team has assembled a stellar cast, not a weak link among them. The vocals are top-notch, nailing the licks and earworm choruses of the soundtrack stacked with hits from top to bottom. There’s no room here to let up for even a moment, and the cast doubles down on the explosive, enthusiastic energy that propels this show to greatness by sheer force of will."

Cast & Band of Rock of Ages Hollywood on Opening Night, Jan. 15, 2020.

Lenker, Maureen Lee. “'Rock of Ages' in Hollywood Makes Dinner Theater Sexy Again.”,, 17 Jan. 2020,

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